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Hydrafacial is the crème de la crème of facials. The beauty and magic of this service lies in the wand. The Hydrafacial wand acts vacuum to open pores for a deep cleanse and painless extraction of impurities and dead skin cells. While your pores are wide open the wand adds serums and boosters right into your skin for deeper absorption and a better result. A Hydrafacial leaves your skin feeling clean, fresh and visibly glowing.

Bonus, your Hydrafacial can be completely customized to your skin, and your skin care needs. Add one of our many boosters, lymphatic treatment, and LED Therapy. See below for our Booster and Add On menus.

Hydrafacial - Cleanse, Extract, Hydrate

Our Hydrafacial Booster Menu

Customize & Enhance Your Hydrafacial With Boosters


This multitasking Hydrafacial booster tackles lackluster skin for an even, glowing complexion. It was inspired and developed in partnership with JLO BEAUTY® skincare technology. This is great booster for before a big event.

Hydropeptide Power Serum

Reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and improve skin firmness and volume. This Hydrafacial booster is formulated to treat aging concerns from frown lines, smile lines and forehead lines.

Circadia Protec Plus

Help protect your skin from free radical damage, provide optimal hydration and reduces visible signs of redness with this booster. Increased hydration can also diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.


Using two britening agents, Alpha-Arbutin and Bearberry Extract, this booster brightens and balances skin tone while minimizing the appearance of darks spots and sun spots. It's also fortefied with Vitamin C.


This Hydrafacial booster is chock full of peptides which helps smooth the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles and enhances skin elasticity. It's a great all around beneficial booster.

Murad Vita-c Booster

Accelerates skin's surface renewal, minimizes the look of dark spots and hyperpigmentation, and brightens and smooths all while utilizing Dr. Murad's proprietary technology for younger-looking skin through hydration.

Alastin Trihex-pro

Helps clear out damaged collagen and elastin and supports the skin’s natural ability to produce new elastin and collagen. Reduces the appearance of thinning skin, fine lines and wrinkles while improving overall texture and tone.

Murad Clarifying Booster

Help treat acne and prevents future breakouts by cleansing skin, dissolving excess oil, and purifying pores with this Hydrafacial booster. Soothes any irritation with green tea extract.

Additional Hydrafacial Add Ons

Lymphatic Treatment

Using our specialized Lymphatic Hydrafacial handpiece we help detoxify skin, reduce inflammation, decrease puffiness, and improve circulation.

LED Therapy

Our red light promotes anti-aging, soothes inflammation while our blue light targets acne bacteria and improves the appearance of oily and acne prone skin.

Hydrafacial Boosters at Butterfly Medspa & Wellness Spring Texas

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Deeply cleanses and exfoliates with a gentle peel to uncover a new layer of skin.


Removes impurities from pores with painless gentle suction.


Saturates the skin’s surface with intense moisturizers and nourishing, personalized ingredients.

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