Primal physiology Fees and Packages

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1-time Consultation fee Weight Loss, General Fitness, Elite Body Building: $150
Primal physiology fitness assessments:
VO2 Max- Maximum Aerobic Capacity
$100 a la carte

VO2 max testing is used for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike to evaluate an individual's overall cardiovascular health and endurance. Its also used to document progress over time to determine whether a person is responding to a particular fitness regimen appropriately.  
RMR- Resting Metabolic Rate
$75 a la carte

Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is similar to basal metabolic rate (BMR) in that it represents the amount of energy or calories your body needs to maintain essential bodily functions.
However, RMR takes into account some additional factors like digestion and non-voluntary movements, which BMR does not. Our fitness professionals at Primal Physiology use this calculation during your initial assessment and in an ongoing fashion to monitor progress in weight management, nutrition counseling, fitness and elite body building. Special Member Pricing
Botox $11 a unit (first 30 Units)
Fillers 10% off
Services 10% off
IN-BODY- Overall Body Composition / Body Fat Percentage calculator
$125 a la carte

InBody is the most powerful body composition analyzer on the market. It provides detailed information about an individual's body composition using technology called Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA).
Here are some of the things that the InBody can do:Body Fat Percentage Analysis: InBody provides an accurate measurement of body fat percentage, which is an important indicator of overall health. It can help individuals track their progress and make adjustments to their fitness and nutrition plans.Muscle and Fat Analysis: InBody can measure not only the total amount of muscle mass and fat mass but also provide a breakdown of these components in different parts of the body. This information is very important in medical weight loss using peptides where muscle breakdown is a concern. Water Balance Assessment: InBody can also measure the level of hydration and provide insights into water distribution within the body. This information is important for overall hydration management, especially for athletes and body builders but also for those seeking safe weight loss. Phase Angle Measurement: This feature provides an insight into cellular health and integrity. Phase angle is a numeric representation of the balance between cell membrane function and cellular health. Monitoring phase angle can give indications of overall well-being and body composition changes.
Botox $11 a unit
Fillers 10% off
Services 10% off

Laboratory Assessment
Comprehensive $199 a la carte

Comprehensive labs are necessary in weight loss management as well as fitness and body building to assess various health markers, track hormone levels and identify any underlying medical conditions or imbalances that may be contributing to weight gain or hindering weight loss.
Here are some reasons why comprehensive labs are important:
Identifying underlying medical conditions: Comprehensive labs can help identify any underlying medical conditions, such as thyroid disorders, hormonal imbalances, insulin resistance, or metabolic disorders. These conditions can affect weight regulation and may require specific treatment approaches.
Assessing nutrient deficiencies: Labs can reveal deficiencies in essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, or omega-3 fatty acids. These deficiencies can impact metabolism, energy levels, and overall health, making it important to address them during weight loss management.Monitoring organ function: Comprehensive labs measure liver enzymes, kidney function markers, cholesterol levels, and blood glucose levels. These markers can provide valuable information about the overall health and function of various organs, which may be affected by weight loss strategies, weight loss medications, peptides or existing medical conditions.Tracking progress and adjustments: Regular lab tests can help track progress and analyze changes in health indicators over time. This information can help healthcare professionals make adjustments to weight loss strategies or interventions based on the individual's specific needs and overall health.
Evaluating body composition: Dexa scans can provide accurate measurements of body fat percentage, bone mass, and lean muscle mass. This information is useful in assessing overall body composition and can help track changes during weight loss or muscle-building efforts.

Monitoring response to treatment: For individuals participating in Elite body building this is a must have since it provides an extremely accurate measurements and can be doen once every three months or so with Inbody done biweekly to fine tune diet and peptides. Dexa scans can be used to monitor the response to medication, lifestyle or workout routine changes, or other interventions. Regular scans can reveal improvements or indicate the need for modifications in the treatment plan.
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Personal Nutritional Assessment
Personal Training
The Main Pillars of Primal Physiology

Basic Consultation visit with provider

(fee gets put towards any purchase over $1000, discounts are not additive)
Basic Follow up visits / routine visits with provider

(not associated with a package)
1 time comprehensive assessment
$299 ($176 savings)

VO2 Max, RMR, InBody, Comprehensive Labs

1 time comprehensive assessment  3 months Semaglutide shots (12 shots $30 per shot)

$1770 ($2698 value)

2 comprehensive lab draws  Bi-weekly Inbody assessments (12 total)

3 VO2 max assessments2 RMR calculations

6 months semaglutide shots (24 shots @ $25 per shot)
$2499 ($5456 value)

4 comprehensive lab draws (1 per quarter)Bi-weekly Inbody assessments (24 total)

6 VO2 max assessments (1 every 2 months)4 RMR calculations (1 per quarter)

12 months semaglutide shots (48 shots @ $20 per shot)
The Main Pillars of Primal Physiology
Elite Body Building

1 Primal physiology fitness assessment + 8 weeks semaglutide
$495 ($415 for assessment, $40/shot)

1 Primal physiology fitness assessment + 8 weeks semaglutide + 4 emsculpt sessions 1 area of body
$3295 ($700/emsculpt session)

6-month Primal physiology fitness assessment
$475 ($50 savings)

6-month Primal physiology fitness assessment + 12 weeks semaglutide
$895 ($475 for assessment, $35/shot)

1 Primal physiology fitness assessment + 8 weeks semaglutide + 4 emsculpt sessions 1 area of body
$3495 ($650/emsculpt session)

12-month Primal physiology fitness assessment
$950 ($100 savings)

12-month Primal physiology fitness assessment + 24 weeks of semaglutide
$1599 ($950 for assessment, $27/shot)

1 Primal Physiology Fitness assessment + 8 weeks semaglutide + 4 emsculpt sessions 1 area of body
$399 ($500/emsculpt session)