William Sarniguet, PA

Physician Assistant in Spring, TX

William Sarniguet is a new physician assistant in Spring, Texas. He has worked in various  capacities alongside doctor Cilento since 2018 and has now returned as a licensed medical provider. William has worked tirelessly to broaden his understanding of human physiology and disease. He has an encyclopedic knowledge of obstructive sleep apnea and its treatment options as well as nasal obstruction and sinus disease. He has been an integral part of Dr. Cilento's vision for Texas Sinus and Snoring but also has developed a deep and personal understanding of Dr. Cilento's commitment to aesthetics and wellness. William has done a deep dive into the areas of weight loss, health optimization, fitness and Body Building. The result of this is the brand Primal Physiology. Williams own journey has seen him through an 86 pound weight loss and life transformation using the techniques developed in Primal Physiology. His goal now is to help and serve patients in the Houston area and to educate them so they are able to make informed decisions concerning their sinus and snoring problems and treatment options...but also he is dedicating his career to help those who wish to improve their overall health and wellness through better exercise, nutrition and body chemistry optimization. He has a bachelor's degree in biochemistry from BYU-Idaho and attended Thiel College in Greenville, Pennsylvania where he received his master's in physician assistant studies. He is passionate about treating patients with sinus, nasal, snoring, and sleep apnea problems. His primary goal is to help patients feel better and breath betterWilliam is a trained provider who speaks both English and Spanish. He desires to help the Hispanic community to receive top quality care and understanding of their disease processes