Medical Weight Loss

Medical Weight Loss services offered in Spring and The Woodlands, Houston, TX

Medical Weight Loss

If you weigh more than you’d like to, your target body weight is within reach with the help of Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness in the Houston suburb of Spring, Texas. Experienced physician Ben Cilento, MD, MHA, and his skilled team provide advanced medical weight loss solutions that make weight loss simpler and long-lasting. Schedule a weight loss evaluation by phone or online today.

Medical Weight Loss Q & A

What is medical weight loss?

Medical weight loss at Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness uses highly effective, research-based solutions and cutting-edge treatments to help you achieve an ideal body weight without surgery. At Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness, food is medicine, and weight loss is health care. The practice focuses on primal physiology to ensure weight loss success in men and women of all ages.


What are the advantages of medical weight loss?

The benefits of medical weight loss services at Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness include:

  • Simpler weight loss
  • Safe, fast, effective results
  • Long-lasting healthy weight management
  • More energy
  • Less body fat
  • Improved body contours
  • Lower risk of diseases
  • Improved disease management
  • Reduced appetite
  • Faster metabolism
  • Low risk of nutrient deficiencies

Medical weight loss at Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness uses personalized treatment plans based on your unique needs and food preferences.


Which medical weight loss treatments are available?

Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness offers an array of weight loss solutions, including:

Customized meal plans

Your weight loss specialist tailors customized meal plans based on your needs, food preferences, and lifestyle.


Medical fitness programs

Whether your goal is improved fitness, less body fat, weight loss, or a bodybuilding competition, the Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness providers personalize a medical fitness program that helps you achieve your goals.



Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness uses peptides (amino acids) that allow you to build muscle, lose more weight and body fat, have a faster metabolism and balanced hormones, and recover faster after workouts. 


Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT)

BHRT uses various methods to increase low hormone levels, boost metabolism, and optimize medical weight loss. Your specialist tailors a hormone therapy plan to your needs.



Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness offers face sculpting and body sculpting using EmSculpt® and Exilis™ technologies to improve body contours, eliminate excess fat, and sculpt treated muscles to create a learner, more toned appearance.


Which weight loss methods are best for me?

To determine which medical loss methods are best for you, a Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness specialist weighs you, calculates your body mass index (BMI), and checks your blood pressure and other vital signs. 

They review your typical food intake, address your lifestyle habits, complete a physical exam, and may order blood testing or additional diagnostic tests. Your weight loss provider follows up during and after your weight loss program to ensure long-lasting success. 

Schedule an appointment at Butterfly MedSpa and Wellness by phone or online today to determine which medical weight loss solutions are best for you.