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The Hydrafacial | Spring, Houston, The Woodlands

Hydrafacial cleanses, extracts, and hydrates all in one facial. HydraFacial uses a unique, patented Vortex-Fusion delivery system device. The spiral design delivers painless extractions. The proprietary vacuum technology easily dislodges and removes impurities while delivering hydrating skin solutions. Add boosters to increase your hydrafacial's effectiveness and add additional benefits.

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The Monarch Facial

Healthy skin starts with the basics. Regardless of skin type, bring your skin back to a healthy and balanced state for a clear, smooth complexion. Experience a relaxing facial that offers real results and fantastic products that you can continue to use daily to complement and enhance your professional treatments.

The Custom Facial

Everyone's skin is different. Your age, health, genetics and lifestyle all play a roll in how your skin looks and feels. With that in mind, we know each of our clients will have different goals and areas of concern. That is where the custom facial comes in. We perform a consultation and then build a custom facial around your needs and concerns.

" Facials are like workouts for your skin."

What are facials?

Facials are like workouts for your skin. We use different combinations of treatments for different issues and results. We may use steam, creams, exfoliation, extractions, masks, peels, different tools (like hydrafacial) and massage. Most people find facials incredibly relaxing and they help hydrate and clean your skin.

What if I dont know what kind to get?

Good news, we can help. Once we do our consultation, we’ll know a lot more about your needs. We will review your skin and talk to you about some of your concerns. Once we have our consult we can suggest some options that will suit you and your needs.

Are facials just for your face?

Nope. If you have other problem areas we can do facial treatments there too. Back facials are an option for anyone with back acne issues or rough skin. We can perform hydrafacials on your back, neck or hands. Just ask us about it and we can give you special pricing for these areas.

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Your therapist can help you choose what services pair well with your facial. Make sure you ask about package discounts and specials!



Let's work together to plan a treatment plan that will help you reach your goals.



Your treatment plan and schedule is completely customized to your needs and desires. 



Once you complete your treatment plan we will work together to evaluate your results, maintenance and any additional goals you may have.