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Intravenous therapy, or IV Therapy delivers fluids directly into a vein. When you take vitamins, it takes a long time for them to get into your blood stream and to the areas of the body that needs them. With IV therapy vitamins, minerals, amino acids, nutrients and fluids are delivered directly into blood circulation. This makes it the fastest delivery of these essentials.

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IV Therapy at Butterfly Medspa & Wellness | Houston, TX

Our signature IV drips, which we like to call nectars are carefully formulated to serve a variety of needs. From detoxes to anti inflamatory treatment and hangover cures to beauty drips, there is an IV drip for everyone.

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" IV drips deliver nutrients directly to the blood stream."

Swallowtail | Immunity Boost

There’s no better time for an immunity boost! This blend of ascorbic acid, B vitamins and zinc will help boost your body’s immunity strength. It's a perfect choice during flu season.

Admiral | Energy Boost

If you’re feeling a little lethargic and need a bit of an energy boost, this could be the IV therapy for you. It can help you burn fat and boost your metabolism. This blend of B vitamins,  and amino acids like Glutamine, Arginine, Ornithine, Lysine, Citrulline, and Carnitine are the perfect energy and fat burning boost.

Morning Cloak | Hangover Cure

Had a little too much last night or just feeling a little nausea and dehydration? We have a drip for you. This blend of Ondansetron, B Vitamins, Magnesium CL, Zinc, Manganese, Copper, and Selenium will have you feeling like new.

Angel Wing | Skin Rejuvenation

Combat acne, wrinkles, and tired looking skin with this IV Therapy. This blend of ascorbic acid, B vitamins, and Biotin are sure to have your skin looking and feeling fresh.

How soon will I feel the effects of Intravenous Therapy?

Because IV therapy is the fastest way to administer fluids and essential vitamins, minerals amino acids, using this method you begin to feel the effects immediately.

Who should get IV Therapy?

Simply put, IV Therapy is good for everyone. Different combinations in our therapies can help performance recovery, maximize health, improve immunity and more. IV Therapy is the only process that allows for 100% absorption.

What is IV Therapy good for?

  • hangover relief
  • energy boost
  • immunity boost
  • hydration
  • detoxing
  • recovery after a workout
  • to stimulate the metabolism and weight loss
  • tighten and brighten skin
  • increase electrolytes
  • help with migraines

What is in the IV during IV drip therapy?

Each of our IV therapy nectars are a unique blend of fluid, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and nutrients. The blend is specific to your needs.

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Why is hydration important?

Dehydration can affect cardiovascular, thermoregulatory, metabolic, mental and central nervous function. The effects become increasingly greater as dehydration worsens. However, you can feel effects even with as little as a 2% decrease in hydration.
Mild dehydration has shown to affect mood, memory and brain performance. Hydration levels are even tied to weight loss.
Many of these effects are because the adult human body is made up of up to 60% water.
The brain and heart are 73% water. Your lungs, as strange as it may sound, are 83% water. Your skin, the largest organ of the body, is 64% water. Your muscles and kidneys are 79% water. And even your bones are 31% water.
Proper hydration affects every part of your body. Intravenous therapy for hydration gets fluid directly where it needs to go with 100% absorption rate.
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