Primal Physiology

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What is “Primal Physiology”? 

The fact that you are here means that you come from a long line of survivors. The truth is that your DNA contains all the necessary building blocks to handle any challenge. Hunter gatherers were necessarily lean, strong and adaptive because they needed to be in order to survive. Their DNA is in YOU. The problem with the modern world is that physical challenges have been systematically minimized for safety, comfort and ease. Rather than removing the better lifestyle that you have earned through hard work, wouldn’t it be great if we could change your body by tapping into the primal physiology hidden in your DNA? At Primal Physiology, our goal is to fully understand your fitness and wellness goals, assess where you are now and map out a course for unlocking the full potential present in your DNA. 
So how do we reverse the effects of a modern sedentary lifestyle?
Our trained team of professionals’ work together to assess your present state of strengths and weaknesses because everyone comes to us at different levels of fitness and with different goals. In our state-of-the-art facility, we begin by a full assessment of where you are starting your journey. We draw labs to determine your present state phyisologic fitness. We then assess your present cardiovascular fitness by calculating your body’s fat/muscle composition, your VO2 max and your resting Basal Metabolic Rate. These four key physiologic markers (Labs, In-Body, VO2 max, Resting BMR) will be used to develop your personal profile and monitored over time to track your progress based on your goals.
A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step. Whether your desire is weight loss, personal fitness enhancement or elite body building, our team will help you take that first step and become a better version of yourself.
In-body is a Bioelectrical Impedance Analysis (BIA) device. It is a non-invasive and advanced health assessment technique that measures the body’s composition by analyzing the impedance of body tissues to electrical currents. This cutting-edge method provides valuable insights into an individual’s body fat, muscle mass, water distribution, and overall health status. By using multiple frequencies to differentiate between various tissues, BIA offers precise and personalized data that empower individuals and healthcare professionals to make informed decisions about fitness, nutrition, and medical treatments. BIA has become an indispensable tool in fitness centers, medical settings, and sports facilities, helping individuals optimize their health and wellness. It is important to know how your body is changing over time and how it is responding to whatever fitness pathway you have chosen to follow.
VO2 max assessment is another key measure used to evaluate an individual’s cardiovascular fitness and endurance capacity. It quantifies the maximum volume of oxygen (VO2) that a person can utilize during intense exercise, indicating their body’s ability to transport and utilize oxygen effectively. The assessment involves a rigorous exercise test, typically on a stationary bike, while monitoring the individual’s respiratory and cardiovascular responses. A higher VO2 max signifies better cardiovascular fitness and greater potential for sustained physical activity. VO2 max assessments are widely employed in sports performance evaluations, medical fitness testing and personalized exercise prescription to tailor training programs and optimize overall health and athletic performance. How your VO2 Max changes over time is a fairly accurate predictor of heart lung and brain health as you age.
Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)
The Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) test is a non-invasive assessment that determines the number of calories your body expends at rest. It measures the energy require to sustain essential bodily function, such as breathing, circulation, and cell maintenance, while you are in a state of complete rest. During the RMR test, you are typically relaxed, in a comfortable environment, and indirect calorimetry is used to analyze your breath, measuring oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production. From these measurements, healthcare professionals calculate your RMR accurately.
The RMR test provides valuable information for weight management, nutrition planning, and optimizing athletic performance. By understanding your body’s baseline caloric needs, you can set appropriate calorie targets to achieve weight-related goals and create personalized dietary and fitness plans. RMR offers valuable insights into your body’s metabolism, empowering you to make informed decisions about your health and well-being whether you are seeking weight loss, improved fitness, or enhanced athletic performance, the RMR test serves as a foundation for successful and sustainable approach to your health journey.

Laboratory blood work is a crucial component of health and fitness assessment that involves analyzing various blood parameters to gain insight into an individual’s overall health and well-being. Through laboratory blood work, our team can assess different aspects of your health, identify potential health risks and monitor the effectives of treatments or lifestyle changes. It provides a comprehensive view of an individual's health status. It provides valuable insights into the functioning of different body systems and track the progress of your personalized weight management program with our team of professionals at Primal Physiology
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